• Custom Screw Machined Products

    Radax Industries produces standard fasteners and custom fastener products. More than half of the products we produce are specialized for our customer at their request.

    Specialized fasteners may include custom screw thread forms, special non-standard lengths, exotic materials, and many other variations. We accept drawings, e-mailed descriptions, or simply tell us over the phone what you are looking for and we can quote making that product for you.

    Case Study:

    Nearly, thirty years ago one of our customers was having a hard time finding a manufacturer to produce a screw that would cut into a plastic component and form a water tight seal. We worked with their engineering team to produce a screw with a custom thread. The screws that were designed thirty years ago are still being used today with little or no modifications. Our ability to produce custom products saved their company hundreds of thousands of dollars and has allowed them to grow and gain market share in their industry.

  • Custom Swiss CNC Machined Products

    Precision CNC Mfg. produces custom manufactured products from round bar. The products can take just about any shape but are generally round and made of steel or stainless steel. We produce many custom fasteners and dowel pins on our swiss machines as well as products that are totally customized. The machines are fully automated and when conditions allow can run overnight without human intervention.

  • Custom Cold Headed Products

    Cold Forming utilizes extreme pressure and rigid tooling to form metal components instead of cutting them. Our cold forming machines are specialized to operate at high speeds and with accuracy. Many of the products we cold form are simple shafts with various lengths and diameters. We also can produce cold formed socket set screws at ultra high speed to reduce cost for our customers.

  • Custom Centerless Ground Products

    Centerless Grinding is the process of removing material from the outside diameter or a round bar, part, dowel pin, or even a screw thread. We have four centerless grinders devoted to producing highly accurate (Dowel to ± .0001) dowel pins. We also have centerless thread grinding machines that allow us to produce socket set screws or custom threaded shafts. Many exotic materials will not cut economically using traditional machining methods. In those cases we excel and are able to produce superior products at high efficiency where otherwise it would not be possible.